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↓ Sources \ Recipients →12356891011121314
University of Sydney1 17111211910887119
LTU-ICT-webnet216 891010991110109
vic-crlt-mc13119 453446554
wa-eper-mc1512104 26357625
wa-knsg-mc16111152 5246516
act-actn-mc18911365 444355
sa-prka-mc1910104324 35425
nsw-mcqp-mc11081045443 3243
qld-gdpt-mc111812676453 264
nsw-brwy-mc1127115653422 53
per-a-ext113111152152465 6

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Beacons that report no received sources [?]

Beacons not received locally [?]

AgeSource AddressAdmin Contact L/MSSM P
University of Sydney1AU 3d 15h 47m129.78.221.17stephen.tolhurst@sydney.edu.au- 
LTU-ICT-webnet2AU 3d 1h 41m131.172.8.214accessgrid@latrobe.edu.au- 
vic-crlt-mc13AU 32d 19h 35m182.255.120.100noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
tas-dwpk-mc14AU 32d 19h 35m182.255.120.133noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
wa-eper-mc15AU 5d 13h 16m182.255.120.163noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
wa-knsg-mc16AU 32d 19h 35m182.255.120.179noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
act-actn-mc18AU 32d 19h 35m182.255.120.227noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
sa-prka-mc19AU 32d 19h 35m182.255.120.243noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
nsw-mcqp-mc110AU 1d 12h 2m182.255.120.35noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
qld-gdpt-mc111AU 32d 19h 35m182.255.120.67noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
nsw-brwy-mc112AU 32d 19h 35m182.255.120.8noc@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
per-a-ext113AU 32d 19h 35m202.158.195.4aplta@aarnet.edu.au L / M 
syd-a-ext114AU 2135039607d 14h 23m202.158.196.134aplta@aarnet.edu.au L / M